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Having trouble finding teachers for the visually impaired? We can help you.

We provide special education support for students with visual impairments. We work with districts, students, and their families to create robust IEP goals that set students up for success. This is accomplished through thorough assessments and student-centered processes. We help you by setting up the students with visual impairments you are connected to with educational services that comply with IDEA and FAPE.

Helping Students with Visual Impairments

I would like to express my deep and sincere appreciation for the expertise, dedication and professionalism of Sonja Biggs Educational Services, Inc. (SBES). I listened to almost every lesson a teacher taught my daughter for an entire year. The teacher exhibited an exemplary educational skill set that is unrivaled in Special Education and VI services. Their patience is unmatched and their ability to motivate a completely blind child to such unprecedented levels of success during a pandemic completely done remotely is commendable to the highest standard. I commend and credit this teacher for supporting and facilitating four quarters of straight A’s and A+’s putting her on the honor roll every quarter for an entire year. Sonja Biggs Educational Services, Inc. has provided exemplary professional educators of the blind. We are grateful for the all-encompassing, well-rounded, exemplary education instruction SBES have provided to our child.                                                                                                       
- Jim and Heather Walker